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 Ceramic Artist 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. Some ceramic courses will be advertised soon and I aim to open an online shop in due course. For now please see the about me and  my story sections.

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About me

I am Cassie Sharman, a Ceramic Artist living on Riverside in Cambridge.

I feel compelled to ‘straighten things out’ -  and by way of contrast, I’m fighting against my predisposition for neat stacks and trying to embrace the happy accident and the organic nature of clay.


My craft, which frequently sways towards fine art, has taken a leap forward with the purchase of a professional kiln from the home of pottery in the UK, Stoke on Trent. 


And although the official launch of my studio has been rudely interrupted by the pandemic, I am still making samples and plan to commence production shortly, taking orders for my work online.


So if you’re attracted to a particular piece or have something in mind, please email me to discuss design details and prices.     


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My story

My long obsession for making began with the therapeutic qualities of malleable clay. Encouraging words from leading practitioners led me to persevere with my craft. There are so many half-imagined porcelain pieces in my head that won’t let me rest until they’re turned into reality. 


My creative instinct takes over and I honestly don’t know which came first – the ‘object’ or the inspiration. Quite often, it works back to front. I produce a form, and that becomes a sort of fixation which I have to keep pursuing and adding to.


My current preoccupation is with the patterns and textures of brickwork. This has taken the form of cylinders composed of tiny, unglazed pieces that resemble construction materials. My latest collection concentrates on building surface patterns, and remains sculptural yet practically useful as containers. 

I have had the privilege of learning from people such as Sue Pryke who recently presented on The Great Pottery Throw Down and makes beautiful ceramic tableware. She taught me how to use a plaster lathe and to slip cast with porcelain. 




M: 07738971199

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